A Bibliography
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«Start Your Own Religion. »

Written and published while Leary was at Millbrook, this book preceeds the most of his popular titles.
27 pages. ©1967

«The Politics of Extasy»

This popular book is about the social and political implications of psychedelic drugs. It spans Leary's work from Harvard to San Francisco, and includes a wide array of essays ranging from the scientific to the metaphysical.
370 pages. ©1968.

«High Priest»



Subtitled «a manual on the use of the human nervous system according to the instructions of the manufacturers», this book mostly describes a detailed version of Leary's 8-circuit model of the brain, with heavy emphasis on SMiLE (Space Migration, Intelligence Increase, Life Extension). It also includes various thought-provoking allegations about science, the mind, and evolution.
134 pages. ©1977.


This is Leary's definitive autobiography, and his most popular book. It is a good ride through the life and times of Leary through the 60s and 70s, as well as complete information about his entire life, from birth up until 1983 (when the book was written).
407 pages. ©1983.

«Chaos & Cyberculture»

This book is a series of essays and stories about the empowerment of computers and other technologies. Filled with photos and illustrations from friends and colleagues.
270 pages. ©1994.

«Surfing the Conscious Nets»


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