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    Website, dedicated to the scientific and public activity of Dr. Timothy Leary.

    Introduction. More than half of a century passed from the beginning of the scientific and public activity of the well-known scientist and public leader Dr. Timothy Leary. A little bit more than ten years passed after he have gone. Not a long time for the person, who managed not to be the product of the epoch, but to start his own one.

    Your opinion is always welcome here. We try to collect as much different points of view as possible regardless the quantity of the pros and cons you operate.

    Our goal at this site is not to propagandize, but to inform. To shed some light on the life and activity of Dr. Leary, we're gathering materials so that you can draw your own conclusions. Finally, please mind his own words: "you get the Timothy Leary that you deserve".

    Updates are taken from different sources: archives, libraries, another websites, mass media, ets. Please feel free to contribute the information to this site if you have some, which is not listed here.

    Approx. one year The Leary Project was hosted at the server. More than 2 TBytes were served during that time. We highly appreciate help from our friends & colleagues. You're doing a great deal, guys. Cheers!

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