Friday, March 3, 1961

  Mr. Aldous Huxley 3276 Deronda Drive Los Angeles, 28, California

Dear Aldous:

Our work is progressing well. A great interest is developing - mixed feelings generated--but on the whole I am most optimistic.

Professor Murray of Harvard has asked me to round you out in regard to addressing the XIV International Congress of Applied Psychology in Copenhagen - sometime between August 13-19 this summer.

I am chairman of a symposium which will take up (in part) the effects of psychiatric drugs. Mr. Gerhart Nielsen is going to write you, not about this symposium but a general address to the entire conference. Hope you can come - it would be fun to see you in Tivoli.

Dr. Hoffman wrote a most supportive lettr--coming out decisively on the humanistic side. Mr. Gerald Herad also wrote comcerning the Unitarian Seminary. Alan Watts has agreed to run the sessions and I hope this will start in March.

In regard to Copenhagen meeting you will hear from Nielsen in the near future.

Best Regards to Laura and yourself,
Timothy Leary

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