May 1961

Dear Tim

How about contributing to my next prose masterpiece by sending me (as you sent Burroughs) a bottle of SM pills, with a bill if that is feasible. Allen said I could knock off a daily chapter with 2 SM's and be done with a whole novel in a month.

Really serious about that, if you can manage it. I'm curious to know what would come out. As you know, in NY, there was no chance to write anything.

Your questionnaire required some modifications on my part, much like the questionnaires for taxpayers, So I explain some at the end.

It may interest you, Coach, to learn with horror that I now weigh 190! Ugh! I dont wanta be a Guard! I wanta be a scatback!

Oh ! Too late !

Have you got Allen's Europe address other than Paris Am/Express?

Plus tard

Jack Kerouac

Or I can send bill ahead of time...I mean, I really want some & don't want to inconvenience in any way. Okay, Coach...

my address is JK c/o Blake P.O Box 700, Orlando, Fla.

Am gone to Mexico villages now. Hope to see you this winter in New England for a ragged furious round of ice hockey!

Jack K.

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