July 29th Villiers

Dearest Allen,

Sorry I haven't communicated directly with you- it's been hectic and I wanted to be able to tell you some real information, I've been kind of crazy and full of misinformation, language difficulties and hysteria but as it seems now/
1) Tim might be free for medical reasons and payment of a bond. Doctor taking a cardiograph tomorrow, lawyer reports officials say it would be "elegant" way to release him. Do not repeat
2) Lawyer must wait for formal extradition papers from U.S before asking for exile.
3) Good case against extradition based on small quantity of M.J involved small fine here for comparable amounts
4) asylum (request for) must be documented by statements of Tim's newspaper clippings-petition to Swiss government trial testimony (Pen club statements and the wide coverage I received were very very effective. Lawyers really got interested case took on a whole new tone. God Bless you all)
5) Quotient or something like that, a bail bond actually Sawyer now says $50,000 would do it but must have it in bank. next week so that if medical report is sufficient to let him out, bond will be ready. Some thing for extradition order and request for political asylum Government can let him out on bond while deciding merits of our appeal- ho hum Walter Houston Clark mortgaged his house before going to the hospital and sent me $20,000. Standard says Kennedy has $5,000 for me. Got some money from my brothers but some bad advice (long complicated extortion publishing story) lost half ...

Settling up trustee fund in Bern Bork Monday. Money can be released only to government or me or lenders. Our lawyers is Horace Mastonarde 8 Schwanegasse, Berne telephone (031) 22-4106. He is a good man and working very hard delaying his vacation etc. His two young sons (heads I think) working on public action. Committee here had meeting in Basel petitions, leaflets, etc. Visions of John and Yoko , festivals, etc. Mastonarde now says publicity in U.S would be most helpful. Got permission to set up radio, telephone interview with Tim in jail! Wants to know of large radio station will pay for interview. Simon /Amsterdam could do interview -- but who will buy it? Desperate need for clippings about governship (that bit of mania might yet save us) Haven't recieved anything from Joel or Bodhitsativa. One vital clipping would do. Judy Millen quoted as saying T should not be returned. Awful confusion on mail here. Letters and checks to me have been returned, T gets my mail in prison. Best way is in c/o of Mastronardie- money too. payable to Leary it could be deposited in bank by Mastionad which willwither be Metropolitan Bank of Bern or Society of Swiss Bank. But for clippings, documentation on low sentences for m.j users, money,news etc. Mastronardies office is the best place for now.

Tim got letter form fellow living in old house of Hesses, offers us flat these and picture of house painted by Hesse in 1920 year of T's birth. Allen , maybe we can really do it this time - old alchemy books found transfered to prison. great discoveries. It's strange here but peaceful and voices are soft. T not too well really, terribly thin and dry- solution, prison is tomb, quiet one small band of sunlight, damp sheets, all that kind of stuff. See him twice a week 15 min screw takes notes looks at watch Trochi wrote and T misplaced letter for VIP's very important I'm babbling- you're accomplished so much- God Bless you, I'll try to get to Lucerne Monday for AM EX.

Love Ro

T gets mail after censorship in Berne so keep the cards and letters coming folks. Love to Larry, all

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