May 10, 1961

  Mr. Aldous Huxley
3272 Deronda Drive
Los Angeles, California

Dear Aldous:

Our work progresses well. We are trying out some of Grey Walter's ideas. Thanks for the reference. The work at the prison is proceeding beautifully. The prisoners are deeply affected--by the drug and by the vistas that are suggested and which we encourage.

We are closing out our first naturalistic gtuAy study of 114 cases 413 separate ingestions. All but one case eager to try again. Results very positive. I'll be reporting results in Copenhagen.

In order to make the results more "objective" We are tabulating responses to questionnaire. If you could spare a few minutes to complete these forms I would be very grateful. I know you understand the pressure on us to count.

We are the convicts reading D. to P,. H. and H. Also text books on criminology.

Looking forward to seeing you in Denmark.

Best regards,
Timothy Leary

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